Hard Floors

Hard Floors

Hard floors can look dull and lifeless, which can cast a negative impression onto your customers. Floors that are not properly cared for can also become damaged, stained and ruined. Ladies – would you entrust your manicure to an amateur and expect it to last? And gentlemen – would you let a novice repaint your car and expect it to be flawless? The same applies to your hard floors. If you choose to leave your floor care to some person with a mop, then you are leaving a lot of details to chance.

Our hard floor experts know floors inside and out (literally!). They can scrub, strip, wax, and/or finish any hard surface to restore it and make it last. Every floor is different. What works on one floor may ruin another. Are you confident that the store-bought finish you chose is the best choice for your floor? We understand the compound composition of the floors we take care of and we only use products that will enhance the look and lifetime of your surfaces.

Our floor products are top-of-the line professional products that we hand select based on their quality and performance. We also have Green Seal Certified floor products if your business prefers a more eco-friendly service. The products we use provide unparalleled results that will turn heads and start conversations.

Another important factor in floor care is the appropriate services needed to do the job. Perhaps your floor just needs a good scrub. Or maybe it’s time to be refinished. Do you know the difference? Our floor technicians do – we will design a plan to make your floors shine like new and choose the service that makes the most sense for your business. Also, how many coats of wax are required to do the job properly? Sometimes one or two coats will do the job and other times four or more coats are required. Floor care is an art – and we have some of the best artists in Northern Michigan!

After your floor is refinished, we can help you set up a plan for maintenance. We can stop in for a good scrub and recoat or scrub and buff every so often to extend the life of the finish and keep your floor looking sharp. We will help you set up a schedule or you can call us to make an appointment as needed. Completely your choice! We simply want to help you take care of your investment and make sure your floors are in tip-top shape!

If you have a floor that could use a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) please contact us to get a free quote! We are dedicated to your satisfaction – we want your floors to look the best they can!

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