Restroom Shock Treatments™

Restroom Shock Treatment™

Our Restroom Shock Treatments™ are not only our original cleaning service, but the service that has set our business apart from the competition! With three Shock Treatment™ options and a variety of extra services available, we can customize a cleaning program for your business that will leave your restrooms noticeably cleaner every time we visit!

In the words of our owner, Joe Seybert: “What makes our service much different than others is that PPS uses an extensive cleaning technique ‘Shock Treatment™’ which is notably visible in addition to its disinfecting and deodorizing capabilities.  We don’t “just clean” ─ Porcelain Patrol Service specializes in bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal cleaning.  Simply put, we clean behind the toilet, under the rims, every wall fixture and more!  We take the extra steps to do the job right.”

Our goal is to assure customer satisfaction, not only for our customers, but for your customers as well! Let Northern Michigan’s #1 Clean Team show you the difference today!

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