Porcelain Patrol Service is a leader in school janitorial work, cleaning and sanitation. Our technicians follow strict guidelines set by ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and are trained in the appropriate handling of hazardous waste clean-up and classroom sanitization (among other things).

A typical list of responsibilities includes: pulling trashes, cleaning the lunchroom after lunch, sweeping and spot mopping floors throughout the day, “emergency” clean up of messes, restroom cleaning/sanitization, vacuuming of carpets/rugs and securing of the building. We can also incorporate hard floor and/or carpet care services into our agreement.

Our chemicals and cleaning techniques enable us to efficiently clean and sanitize classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, hallways, offices, locker rooms, and any other areas necessary. We have products capable of neutralizing viruses such as the flu, HIV, and numerous other bacteria, while also eliminating odor causing bacteria and problematic fungus.

We set up a schedule that works with your needs. Most schools require at least one technician during the day and another at night. Larger schools will need more than one person cleaning at a time. Smaller schools may prefer technicians be present only at certain times. You know your school better than we do. If you let us know what you are looking for, we can do the rest!

PPS is responsible for the training and certification of our cleaning technicians. This means your school does not have to waste time and energy making sure you are in compliance with OSHA and other agencies. Instead, PPS will ensure that the technicians receive all necessary training and certification. We also stay up to date with changes and new policy, so our cleaners always have the most current information available.

In addition to cleaning, our technicians can also take over inventory tracking and ordering. Our sister company, Northern Michigan Janitorial Supply, works closely with all our accounts to provide reasonable prices and fast delivery. NMJS can supply everything, even floor mats and dispensers. Typically, schools need can liners, paper towel, toilet tissue, hand soap and facial tissue. NMJS stocks all these items and more, so you never have to worry about running out.

No school is too big or too small – everyone deserves a safe, clean learning environment. Let us take care of your building, so you can take care of everything else!

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