Complete Office Care

Complete Office Care

We know it can be challenging to find time to clean and sanitize your office. When is the last time you sanitized your desk? Vacuumed the carpets? Scrubbed the toilet?

PPS offers a variety of office cleaning options to fit your budget and your schedule. We clean offices across Northern Michigan including Medical Offices and Commercial Offices. In addition to sanitizing your office, we will remove trash, vacuum, microfibre mop, dust and perform just about any additional task you ask of us. Some of our accounts ask us to empty their shred bin or tidy magazines in a waiting room. Not a problem! We are here to make your life cleaner and easier.

Our line of professional grade chemicals (many of which are Green Seal Certified) will take care of many pesky bugs that may survive through your typical store-bought sanitizing treatments. We use “Neutraquats” to neutralize viruses like the flu, numerous bacteria, HIV/AIDS and about 100 more! Imagine coming into work and knowing that your office will be spotless (and without bacteria) when you arrive. It’s a wonderful feeling!

The best part about our service is the amount of effort we require from you and your business – virtually none. After your staff has left for the day, our staff will come in and clean. Are you worried about “strangers” in your office? We completely understand! All our employees must pass a background check and drug test prior to being placed in any building. Additionally, we have our own confidentiality policy and security awareness statements that each employee acknowledges prior to entering his/her first account. Our techs will take responsibility for securing your facility before they leave, so there is no need to worry about the security of your office. We will also do our best to keep the same techs in your office. Our techs take ownership and pride in their work and they will proudly represent PPS and your company through their diligence and hard work!

Who is responsible for ordering your toilet tissue? And how many other responsibilities does that person have? We are proud to offer our inventory tracking services to keep your closet appropriately stocked. Our sister company, Northern Michigan Janitorial Supply, will work with your office to find the toilet tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, hand soap and can liners for your dispensers and your budget. Not only that, but NMJS offers free delivery right to your business once a week! No more running around or trying to remember which tissue you like best. Simply let our tech take over and see how easy managing your inventory can be!

If your office has other needs please call us and see what we can do! Our goal is to provide consistent, exemplary service so your business can focus on your customers. We offer a variety of pricing options, free estimates and predictable schedules to accommodate your office needs. Remember, PPS is Northern Michigan’s #1 Clean Team – let us show you how we earned this distinction!

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