Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Sometimes our customers need a service that we don’t generally offer or advertise. We’ve been known to refill doggie bag dispensers, tidy magazines, clean company vehicles, clean garages, collect laundry, and countless other cleaning tasks above and beyond the “normal” expectations. We’re here to do whatever it takes to help you run your business more efficiently!

We also have employees on the clock 24/7. If you prefer your cleaning service be done at a specific time, we will find a way to meet your request. We have the ability respond to “emergency” calls all day – every day. There is no need to worry about spills turning into stains or accidents becoming permanent.

We can also customize your schedule to accommodate your budget. With as few as three days a week, we can do partial cleans or economy cleans to reduce costs while also providing a basic cleaning service. Our most successful accounts, however, receive full cleans at least five days a week. This allows our techs ample time to detail their account and clean every surface.

Regardless of your needs, budget or requirements – we are here to help! Let us know what we can do for you!

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