What You Didn’t Know About Clean Offices and Productivity

What You Didn’t Know About Clean Offices and Productivity

What You Didn’t Know About Clean Offices and Productivity

It’s a known fact that organization is key to productivity, but there are many other sanitation factors that play a big role in output.

Avoid Illness Related Absences Illness related absenteeism is avoidable. Most cold and flu bugs are picked up at the office, exchanging bacteria through a handshake, sneezing, coughing, and simply opening the front door. Clean your office regularly to prevent these germs from spreading. It will save your company a lot of stress due to loss of productivity.

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies Even minor allergic reactions to cleaning chemicals can hinder performance of office staff. It’s hard to work with a foggy head due to allergies. When cleaning your office, remember to use hypoallergenic chemicals. Try to avoid floral scents and known allergens scented air fresheners.

Spills Waste Time If you regularly keep beverages on your desk, you’ve likely experienced a spill from time to time. When you do, you have to stop what you’re doing and take time to clean up the mess. This can be a big distraction as well as a huge waste of valuable company time. Be sure to always have a lid on your container or keep it out of reach to prevent possible spills.

Eliminate Distractions Are you the type of person that frames their monitor with post-it note reminders? Have you put off filing away the loose papers on your desk, because maybe, just maybe they’ll be used again in the near future? Do yourself a favor and get rid of the clutter. It will allow you to focus better on the task at hand.

Next time you notice a lack of productivity in the office, ask yourself: Is my office clean? If the answer is no, check out these 10 tips for keeping an office clean or get in contact with Porcelain Patrol Services to do it for you.

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